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“Secure Your Data, Protect Your Business”

Security is an integral part of any organization’s IT strategy and infrastructure. Our IT and cybersecurity company has a mission to provide our customers with secure access, as well as, protect data across all communications systems from both internal and external threats.

As we work with your organization to develop a IT and cyber-security strategy, our focus is geared in the following areas:

Data Destruction

When hardware, such as desktop computers, servers, and data storage, reaches end of life and is ready to be replaced, we will set up a process specifically designed for your organization to make sure all hardware devices with storage capability, hard drives or tapes, are properly wiped or destroyed. Once all the information has been erased, we certify the process with an inventory of serial numbers and provide a Certificate of Destruction to that effect.

Anti-Virus & Spam Filtering

Taking basic steps to protect your infrastructure from external threats is essential in maintaining a secure IT environment. Our IT and cybersecurity experts stress that anti-virus and spam filtering are an important first level barrier against the possibility of intrusion. Our remote monitoring ensures that AV performing its functions actively and properly staying a step ahead of any threats.

Anti-Malware & Ransomware

Confusingly, antivirus and antimalware tools aren’t exactly the same thing. Antimalware programs also known as malware removal tools are slightly different in function to traditional antivirus. Antivirus focuses on prevention, protecting a machine by stopping it from becoming infected in the first place. Antimalware, however, is geared towards rooting out and destroying malicious programs that have already been downloaded and activated. While there is a lot of crossover between the two tools, many security experts advise using both antivirus and antimalware tools together in order to maximize protection.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Setting up a VPN is critical for those organizations with remote personnel or even occasional project requirements. Providing a secure connection to your data from a specified device and any location around the globe ensures correct preventive measures are in place for any threats or unintentional release of private information.

Managed Firewall

Firewalls provide multiple layers of security from entry level border protection to advanced deep packet inspection intrusion detection with URL and web filtering.


Both IDS/IPS read network packets and compare the contents to a database of known threats. The primary difference between them is what happens next. IDS are detection and monitoring tools that don’t take action on their own. IPS is a control system that accepts or rejects a packet based on the ruleset. IDS requires a human or another system to look at the results and determine what actions to take next, which could be a full-time job depending on the amount of network traffic generated each day. IDS makes for a better post-mortem forensics tool for the CSIRT to use as part of their security incident investigations. The purpose of the IPS, on the other hand, is to catch dangerous packets and drop them before they reach their target. It’s more passive than an IDS, simply requiring that the database gets regularly updated with new threat data.

DDoS Monitoring & Mitigation

Offer organizations 24×7 proactive monitoring of their network infrastructure and a unique DDoS Mitigation plan based on baseline traffic pattern analysis.

Vulnerability Assessments

Our team of cybersecurity experts will conduct a scan of internal and external networks for known vulnerabilities and provide step-by-step remediation instructions.

Web Application Security

Provides critical web protection and cost-effective management as well as state-of-the-art firewall protection and blocking capabilities.

Real-time Log Flow Analysis

Boosts real-time IT security monitoring and alerts users of critical security issues in advance of, or during a breach.

Event Log Management

Collects Windows event log, syslog and flat file logs, running multiple searches for forensic analysis and storing logs securely in redundant off-site data centers.

IP Video Security

Many data security breaches are initiated internally on premises. iBANKonIT offers design, installation, support, and monitoring of security camera systems with web-based applications. You will be able to secure any areas of an office, warehouse, retail, or any other building environment with high resolution color cameras and control and monitor from any location in the world with zoom and other capabilities. You choose how long to keep the recorded video and who has access to view and review any possible situations that may arise.

Policies Protocols Training

As part of our security review, our knowledgeable IT security experts will set policies in place and train staff to ensure that internal protocols are followed to minimize any possibility of internal threats and identify sources of breaches.

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