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Optimize the way you manage your IT Assets lifecycle. Once your IT equipment reaches the end of its useful life, our IT asset disposition and recycling company can help you get the value that is there to be recovered so you can reinvest it into new equipment or other IT projects.

Our IT asset disposition program provides customers with a simple and cost-effective way to manage your company’s end of IT lifecycle needs:

  • Easy and efficient way of disposal with offers to purchase within 48-72 hours
  • Proper asset disposal at our facility in D.C including Data Destruction or Sanitization if needed
  • Experienced and knowledgeable staff that gets the most value for your IT assets

*Learn more about how iBANKonIT can provide you a quote to purchase your old IT equipment

Asset Reallocation

Throughout the course of daily operations, it often becomes necessary for organizations to reallocate IT assets. With the emergence of Cloud Computing, many businesses are choosing to place their servers at a data center outside their offices and often outside their region. Also, as employees come and go and office relocations occur, it is essential that IT assets are transferred to their intended location. It is in these instances that our asset reallocation services assist clients in making sure that equipment gets to the right place within the scheduled time frame safe and secured.

Data Destruction

When servers and computers are decommissioned, it is some time necessary for our customers to require that hard drives are wiped or destroyed. We can assist with these needs and provide a complete service including certification of destruction if required.


Our team is highly skilled in working with our customers to make any shipping arrangements necessary whether moving data centers, IT equipment from one office to another, or for IT Asset Disposal.


We are a Full Service Escrap recycling company servicing the Washington DC metro area since 2006. We have a strict no landfill policy. All collected escrape is triaged for reuse where if it is not reusable, then it is disassembled to the commodity level, i.e. aluminum, copper, metal and plastic. We are experienced in data center and commercial office space cleanouts.

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