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Who is iBANKonIT?

iBANKonIT is an IT management and strategy consultant who has 25+ years’ experience in helping our customer “Maximize Value, Minimize Hassle”. We have a customer first approach in partnering with our customers in leveraging technology to drive positive business outcomes

We are an innovative and rapidly growing full-service technology company providing cost-efficient solutions across the entire technology stack focused on delivering a great customer experience every step of the way.

IT Management and Help Desk Support
IT Strategy & Consulting
Telecom Services
Data Center & Cloud Services
Security Services


  • CEO – Vlad Volinsky
  • COO – Garry Anzaroot
  • CTO – Aleksei Garazhyi
  • Director of Operations – Yelena Bukhonina
  • Director of Hardware Sales – Anton Makarevich

Why iBANKonIT?

In today’s world, IT is no longer a cost center but an integrate part of every company’s business strategy for success.

At iBANKonIT, our IT management and strategy consultants can do as little or as much as you as need depending on your IT resources. Our goal is to be an extension of your business to help drive efficiencies and provide a great experience for both your employees and your customers. Technology is great when it is working properly, but when it’s not then it can really be disruptive to your business.

  • We try to leverage your current infrastructure if possible
  • Flexible and easy to work with
  • Responsive
  • Cost Effective
  • We have the people, processes, and technology to help your organization achieve any IT project.

Our Methodology is a Proven 5 Step Process:

Our Methodology


Our IT strategy consultants can perform a complete and compressive technology audit so we can properly make IT recommendations


Propose an individual solution based upon our research and analysis of your specific business.


Oversee all aspects of the implementation process, including design, procurement, project management, testing, training, and documentation.


Provide solutions that constantly monitor, track the performance, and secure of your business. Our local IT management experts will provide enhanced system stability with scheduled visits and round-the-clock monitoring.


Continue to inspect and evaluate our solutions and the needs of our customers. We put a process in place where we assure that we are delivering and meeting the expectation we have set, as well as, to determine if we need to make any adjustments or changes.

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